Top Five 2012 Heavy Releases In Phoenix

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Grand Miracle, Cassette One
The Grand Miracle, Cassette 1 (Manu Forti)

The Grand Miracle is the solo project of Mitch James, the guitarist for two of the bands already listed. It's really interesting to see someone who is so recognized in the scene for one kind of musical role assert complete control over all aspects of a project like this. He's baring a lot of himself as songwriter on this record.

There are so many moments of outright clever musical and lyrical composition on the tape that it may be hard to believe that it was all written and recorded by one person. However, Mitch seems to take his own mockingly delivered advice from the song "Starstruck": "don't ever depend on anyone else" and comes out all the better for it.

Sorrower/Violence of Humanity Split 7" (Orca Wolf Records)

Locals Sorrower play some pretty solid death-grind on this record. It's definitely in the vein of Napalm Death and Carcass with a lot more pig-squeal vocals.

The alternating vocalists provide a nice dynamic to the songs and the tempo never slows down too much. The side of this record that features Portland's Violence of Humanity is also appropriately brutal, throwing some doomy breakdowns into what is otherwise a really fast record.

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