Top 20 Phoenix Concerts of 2012

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identity festivalfossum.jpg
Melissa Fossum
Fans at ID Fest.

Identify Festival @ Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion | Sunday, August 19, 2012
A eight-hour all-you-can-eat beat buffet was served up to a sea of rave fanatics, club kids, and EDM aficionados at the outdoor venue, offering a mix of acts and artists of the highest caliber ranging from electro-house, trance, hardstyle, drum 'n' bass, and dubstep (natch).

It has all the hallmarks of a primo rave, only in a much bigger venue with a far more star-studded lineup. (Sadly, one superstar who was conspicuous by his absence was Dutch electro-house bigwig Hardwell, who had to cancel several recent appearances this past week due to a bout with the flu.) -- Benjamin Leatherman

ID Festival @ Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion: [Full Review] [Slideshow]

snoop dogtheatre phoenix.jpg
Jim Louvau
Snoop Dogg does his thing.

West Coast All-Stars feat. Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube @ Comerica Theatre | 9/14/12
"Can I take y'all back to 1994?"

It's a question that Ice Cube popped in the midst of his performance during last night's West Coast All-Stars Tour stop at Comerica Theatre. The near-sellout crowd -- which had been plenty rowdy all evening -- lost their shit after Cube's query and got even more cray cray during Snoop Dogg headlining set. -- Benjamin Leatherman

West Coast All-Stars @ Comerica Theatre: [Full Review] [Slideshow]

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