Top 20 Phoenix Concerts of 2012

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Melissa Fossum
2012 isn't even over yet, and we're already feeling sort of nostalgic for it.

We saw a lot of great shows this year, so narrowing it down to the most mind-blowing 20 wasn't easy, but it was a lot of fun.

Enjoy, our Top 20 Phoenix Concerts of 2012.

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Melissa Fossum
Wilco @ Gammage Auditorium

Wilco @ Gammage Auditorium| 1/21/12

Plenty of derisive things get said about Wilco being "dad rock."

You can't get around the fact that songwriter Jeff Tweedy, bassist John Stirratt, drummer Glenn Kotche, guitarist Nels Cline, and multi-instrumentalists Pat Sansone and Mikael Jorgensen, are indeed pushing or well into "dad age," but there's an intended sting to the tag, implying that the band has lost its edge, that the band makes music solely for graying NPR listeners and flannel-clad white kids. (A sage friend, before the show: "Sonic Youth is a $20 ticket, Wilco is $50, all because they've tapped into that Eagles demographic.") -- Jason P. Woodbury

Wilco @ Gammage Auditorium: [Full Review] [Slideshow]

G. Luke Holwerda
Radiohead @ Arena

Radiohead @ Arena|3/15/12
Last week I made it public knowledge that I'm not a Radiohead fan. Call me crazy, but the songs of the critically adored, legendary art rockers just don't speak to me. The sounds are distant and obtuse, and what can I say? I like music with immediacy.

But I went into last night's show feeling -- bring on the Radiohead puns -- optimistic. People don't just like Radiohead, they love them, and the band's status as innovators has been trumpeted far and wide. I stated in my original piece that I was willing to give Radiohead a shot, that I was excited to see if the intimacy of a live show would connect for me the way so many of the bands' records connect for its fans. -- Lenni Rosenblum

Radiohead @ Arena: [Full Review] [Slideshow]

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