Sonoran Pop Festival + Sacred Bones Mojave Celebration: "Incestuous...In The Best Possible Way"

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The plans further aligned when Aurelius ran into Taylor Brode of Sacred Bones while performing with Destruction Unit in New York (the night Hurricane Sandy hit, no less).

"Since Lust for Youth [would] be in New York for some shows leading up to our anniversary, and geographically, Tempe is kind of on the way from New York to Joshua Tree, we thought it would be a good opportunity to do something collaborative with Ascetic House," Brode explains. "Pharmakon and Søren from Rosenkoph are good friends of both labels, and Foreplay is the new project of Chris Hansell, formerly of The Men (who are also on Sacred Bones). The other member of Foreplay is Margaret of Pharmakon's older sister. It's all incestuous, but in the best possible way."

The dual festivals not only showcase some of the most forward-thinking acts in experimental music, but also allow for a little hometown pride for the Ascetic House group.

"I think that a lot of people are starting to connect the dots that there's actually interesting things happening in Phoenix," Aurelius says. "Because it's been so isolated, it's hard for people to pick up on."

Sonoran Pop Fesival 2012, featuring Body of Light, Marshstepper, Soft Shoulder, Christian Filardo, Documentarian, Lust for Youth, Pharmakon, Anti-Civilization Mask, Søren, Foreplay, and Granite Mask is scheduled for Tuesday, December 18, at Deadhorse Warehouse in Tempe.

Sacred Bones Five-Year Anniversary Celebration, featuring Zola Jesus, Wymond Miles, Lust For Youth, Pop.1280, Psychic Ills, Vår, Cult of Youth, and DJs Jonbenet and Becka Diamond, is scheduled for Friday, December 21, at Pappy and Harriet's in Pioneertown, California.

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