Sonoran Pop Festival + Sacred Bones Mojave Celebration: "Incestuous...In The Best Possible Way"

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Tanya Alcala
Body of Light is scheduled to perform Tuesday, December 18, at Deadhorse Warehouse in Tempe.
In this week's issue of New Times, I chart the conversation that occurred when I sat down with J.S. Aurelius and Alexander Jarson of Tempe's Ascetic House, a creative "collective" that releases art, video, music, and literature.

The two aren't eager to define what Ascetic House "is." And that's the idea.

"I would consider the art -- the fliers we've done -- 'releases,'" Aurelius says. "It's all the catalog of our accomplishments. Whether it's a punk show or performance art [or] a painting someone did . . . Any aspect of that is part of the same thing."

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Tanya Alcala
Marshstepper is scheduled to perform Tuesday, December 18, at Deadhorse Warehouse in Tempe.
That "thing" is best experienced, and next week Ascetic House hosts the Sonoran Pop Fesival 2012, featuring Body of Light, Marshstepper, Soft Shoulder (Gilgongo Records), Christian Filardo (Holy Page Records), and Documentarian, as well as a cast of national and international acts like Lust for Youth, Pharmakon, Anti-Civilization Mask, Søren, Foreplay, and Granite Mask. It's as good a chance as you're going to get to experience Ascetic House and its international connections.

The show acts as a sister festival to the Sacred Bones Five-Year Anniversary Celebration in the Mojave, on Friday, December 21. That gathering features Zola Jesus, Wymond Miles, Lust for Youth, Pop. 1280, Psychic Ills, Vår, Cult of Youth, and DJs Jonbenet and Becka Diamond at desert venue Pappy and Harriet's in remote Pioneertown, just outside of Joshua Tree National Park in California.

"When Marshstepper [Aurelius' noise/dance project] went to Europe," explains Aurelius, "Loke [Rahbek, of Lust for Youth, Posh Isolation] was talking to us about how he really wanted to come to Phoenix, how he wanted to come to the desert and shoot guns, stuff like that. They told us they were coming out for some festival in Joshua Tree, and I was like, 'Joshua Tree, what the fuck?' I said, if you can come out [to Phoenix] we'll make it worth it."

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