Does the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Matter At All?

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Public Enemy, briefly taking a break from fighting the powers that be to stand around looking awesome.
So, hey, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame went ahead and announced their Class of 2013, which this time around includes Rush, Public Enemy, Randy Newman and someone called the "Disco Queen," Donna Summer. Those who were nominated but didn't make the cut included Kraftwerk, Deep Purple, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, N.W.A., and Deep Purple. If you're like me, you're probably making this hand gesture and going back to reading actually relevant news.

But hold on. We all kind of agree the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an elaborate joke on the gullible, fabricated by the same Christian fundamentalists from the '80s who said there were Satanic messages played backwards on Led Zeppelin albums, right? Right?

Well, if not, here are a few reasons why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is pretty much the lamest thing ever.

The Sex Pistols. You know, "No future" and stuff like that.
Almost Everyone Seems To Be Skipping It

In this lackluster Rolling Stone article rating recluses in the music industry, they give an automatic three Barrett points to any artist who skips their own induction into the Hall of Fame. So the question is, why are so many musicians skipping it? Could it be that it isn't actually important? Compare that to something like the Grammys, which is just as much an insider-based circle jerk, if not a bigger one. Not many folks are skipping that dive, and that says something.

The Sex Pistols wrote the best letter ever in response to their induction, calling the Hall of Fame a "piss stain" and rightly called out those inducted the band as still being nothing more than "industry people." I dunno about you, but I never want to be on the wrong side of the Sex Pistols.

It's Hardly True to Its Name

Not to say they aren't inspirational and important outfits, but calling artists like Etta James, The Supremes, Madonna, Public Enemy and The Jackson 5 rock 'n' roll is a stretch. If you added Buddy Holly to the Hip-Hop Hall of Swag (or whatever), there would certainly be some confusion, right?

So why not just call the museum the Music Hall of Fame or something equivalent? If you aren't going to stay true to what you call yourself, it makes one wonder what you're actually paying tribute to. It appears to be the Hall of "Whatever Old School Musician Pops Into Your Head."

And if you are going to include hip-hop, we're going to turn it over to our man Ben Westhoff in Los Angeles: "Public Enemy's cool, of course, but to say their impact was greater than N.W.A's is on some East Coast left-wing bias shit."

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Yeah...Michael Jackson WAS NOT Rock n Roll. Madonna? The Supremes? Wait in the same Hall as the Byrds, The Animals, The Sex Pistols etc.?Damned joke. What about the 13th Floor Elevators? They did more for rock than Michael Jackson or Madonna ever did. Imagine Roky Erickson "Vogueing?" Piss on them.


Thanks for pointing out all of the bullshit about the Rock n Roll HoF that I've been complaining about for years.  Unfortunately, its probably just screaming into the wind and won't matter.

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