Rebel Disco's Jake Goldsmith and Aaron Francisco on How They Spin Disco and Other Music That's About "Just Flat Out Sex"

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Tim Sweeney of WNYU's Beats in Space and DFA fame.

Will Tim Sweeney's set at Rebel Disco be like one of his Beats in Space shows?
Francisco: Yes and no. Yes in the sense that it's Tim Sweeney, and his collection is amazing. No in the sense that he won't be playing for home listeners in a radio studio. He'll be playing live for people dancing. Either way he's a master in both settings.

So he'll be dropping the same sort of rarities, obscura, or undiscovered tracks that you'd hear during an average broadcast?
Goldsmith: None of us know. We'll see what happens when he plays. Readers should come find out for themselves. All we know is that it will be a worthwhile, rare occurrence.

What does Sweeney do best as a DJ in your opinion?
Francisco: He showcases quality music that no ones heard before, and he's not afraid to take chances. He also maintains sensibilities that are attractive to a wide audience.

Given his stature, is it a major shot in the arm for Rebel Disco to have him appear?
We don't know, we'll find out after the event! Really, we're looking to build a scene that trusts our judgment.

Rebel Disco's Push Push featuring Tim Sweeney takes place on Wednesday, December 12, at Bar Smith.

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