Rebel Disco's Jake Goldsmith and Aaron Francisco on How They Spin Disco and Other Music That's About "Just Flat Out Sex"

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And what about y'all?
Aaron takes a wide-view on the subject with tastes across the board and sets that can be sometimes unpredictable, but always solid.

Francisco: Jake takes his sound back to the heydays of dance music and at the same time highlights his favorite contemporary producers.

Do y'all collaborate on mixes?
Aaron and I have done some collaborative DJ mixes that were a lot of fun, a couple of gigs in and out of town too. In the studio there hasn't been too much collaboration just yet, but there are plans to do so for all of us. There are talks of a record label.

Francisco: Jake is in studio a lot. Edits, remixes, original work, etc. Scott is in his studio quite a bit as well. We are all planning to get stuff out collectively and individually in coming months.

Do y'all ever have group hugs or conduct other male bonding rituals?
Group hugs are a prerequisite to any event. And I think we've all seen each other's penises.

So why's the night called Push Push?
Francisco: We were all poolside drinking moscow mules struggling to find a name for our new Wednesday night, then in a moment of collective inspiration, a classic disco track came to mind: Musique's "Push Push: In The Bush." Doesn't everyone like to Push Push?

What's something that no one else knows about Rebel Disco?
We're all secretly in love with Skrillex and are huge fans of Paris Hilton's DJ sets.

What's the mantra of Rebel Disco?
Try everything twice.

How is Rebel Disco different from other local DJ collectives?
We're not really that different. We're all just trying to have fun and share the music we love the most, with friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends.

Do the members of RD enjoy bringing new music to people's attention?
That's really what it's all about. Phoenix has had a long history of DJ's pushing the Phoenix sound, drum n bass, tribal house, soulful house, hip hop, mashups, electro house, and now moombahton, dubstep, glitch, and trap. We are happy to now contribute something else to the lineage of Phoenix sounds.

Because you're not in LA, NYC, or another high-profile city, does that provide y'all with more breathing room to experiment?
Francisco: Not necessarily, because in LA or New York people are expecting the boundaries to be pushed, whereas here it seems that you have to slowly take them there.

Is that good or bad?
Francisco: I
t's a little of both. It's good because we're at the beginning stages of building a diverse scene that's open to experimentation. On the other hand, it's a risk of alienating the uninitiated.

Some people believe that the reason Justin Bieber puked at is because he rocks so hard. Have any of the RD had a similar experience?
Goldsmith: Funny story, one night at Bar Smith Mike Jonez threw up on his own leg, and another time I gave myself alcohol poisoning and didn't even know it. Oops. We're a bit unhinged.

What's Rebel Disco's favorite tracks of the moment?
Now we're getting down to brass tracks. Storm Queen, "Let's Make Mistakes;" Scandal, "Just Let Me Dance" (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix); Mike Simonetti and Johnny Jewel, "Hollywood Seven." [There's a] different vibe on each cut, yet they all have exactly what a dance floor full of sweaty revelers wants: Groove, and glory.
wants: groove and glory

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