Rebel Disco's Jake Goldsmith and Aaron Francisco on How They Spin Disco and Other Music That's About "Just Flat Out Sex"

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Rebel Disco's Aaron Francisco (left) and Jake Goldsmith
When patrons of Downtown Phoenix hotspot Bar Smith's weekly Wednesday night joint Push Push find that they can't stop shaking their asses uncontrollably, there's a few people to blame for the phenomenon. Namely, the members of local DJ collective Rebel Disco.

According to co-founder Jake Goldsmith and Aaron Hempsey, the mission of the six-member cabal of talented selectors is to "championing feel-good dance music in true American style" of the disco, house, acid, and techno variety.

Besides getting rumps bumping every Hump Day up on Bar Smith's rooftop, Rebel Disco aims to "bring out-of-town DJs and friends that no one else was bringing" to the Valley. They'll do just that this Wednesday when famed WNYU disc jockey Tim Sweeney, host of the renowned weekly Beats in Space program and member of the DFA Records crew, pays a visit to Push Push.

We recently chatted with Goldsmith and Francisco via Facebook regarding Sweeney's appearance, Push Push, and other topics related to Rebel Disco, including some of their, um...bonding rituals that may include group hugs and something a bit more scandalous.

Names: Jake Goldsmith and Aaron Francisco

AKA: Rebel Disco

Preferred genres: Disco, house, acid, and techno...for those who dare.

So what the fuck is Rebel Disco, exactly?
Jake Goldsmith: It's a motley crew of vagabonds and derelicts. All seriousness aside, we are just a group of bubs having fun playing music for party people. Oh, and we are kinda nice too.

What's its origin story?
Aaron Francisco: [In] 2010 when we brought Eli Escobar to play at Bar Smith. It started with just us initially as a way for us to bring out of town DJs and friends that no one else was bringing to town. Just for fun. We literally wanted to do something that we couldn't find in the city. What we do is in L.A., in New York, Chicago, Miami, Berlin, London, Paris, Tokyo...hell, even Austin, but not Phoenix.

Goldsmith: We're all about championing feel-good dance music in true American style, circa 1970s Chicago, 1980s Detroit, and 1990s New York.

How so?
As a whole, we tend to select music that isn't so introspective; music that is convivial and makes you want to celebrate life on the dance floor.

What do you dig about the genres that Rebel Disco spins?
Honestly, the genres that we play are all about funk, soul, and from time to time just flat out sex. It's disco.

Who else is a member?
Scott Owen, Edward Navarro, Luke Hansen, and Miguel Espada (a.k.a. Mike Jonze).

What does each person bring to the table?
With each one of us comes our own tastes, styles, and approaches. Scott has one enviable record collection from classic to contemporary, and a style that is totally his. Edward was raised on some amazing music, and his record collection reflects that. Old school electro, boogie, and rare disco gems can be heard in almost every one of his sets. Luke has a more youthful approach to dance music, his sound is playful and fun.

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