Culture Jammers MAN-CAT Introduce Lana Del Rey's, Ahem, Pussy Cola (NSFW)

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lana del rey pussy pepsi cola.jpeg
The late, great and totally irreverent comedian Bill Hicks once predicted the ultimate television commercial, describing it as such:

"Here's the woman's face. Beautiful. Camera pulls back. Naked breast. Camera pulls back, she's totally naked, legs apart, two fingers right here and it just says 'Drink Coke.' Now, I don't know the connection, but I'm drinking lots of fucking Coke."

It appears that glorious day in advertising has finally arrived, thanks to Lana Del Rey! Watch the video below.

This is unofficial, of course.

The infamous line from Lana Del Rey's latest single, "Cola," the one about her Pepsi-flavored lady garden, has been turned into an ad campaign by Phoenix-based culture jammers MAN-CAT.

It's self-described as the "next level of product placement and brand integration," which is probably true. I want to drink tons of Pepsi now. Don't you? And I can't quite place it, but there's something about that logo that gets me aroused.

If you want your own Pussy Cola, simply go to, download their altered labels and you can taste some of Lana's coochie juices yourself. Or, you can head into your local Fry's and see if they carry it. According to MAN-CAT's Facebook, "Wal-Mart, Safeway and Target in Tempe also now carry this product."

See below:

man-cat pussy cola.jpeg
Fry's in Tempe (via Facebook)
How does it compare? According to the video, it has a "Hard to explain... weird taste... nice, lemony zing taste... less syrupy... [but] nothing like California white wine..."

Bill Hicks is likely spinning in his grave like the Wheel of Fortune.

MAN-CAT describe themselves as "thieves of intellectual property" and the "ruthless garbage disposals of pop." Earlier this year, MAN-CAT were accused by the Association for Artistic Integrity of poisoning Justin Bieber, causing him to puke on stage in Glendale. MAN-CAT also designed Catholic-style votive candles with Oprah, Snooki, Bieber and Conan O'Brien replacing Jesus and Mary, as well as producing a music video for their song "Yeast" solely using pizza delivery boy porn clips.

Troy Farah drinks his weight in Pepsi at

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