A Dimebag Darrell Playlist (Just In Time For The Holidays)

"Cemetary Gates"

Some may think it's cliché, but honestly "This Love" and "Cemetary Gates" are classic Pantera jams, as well as incredible power ballads. "Cemetary Gates" displays the band's love of Judas Priest and shows the its sensitive side -- but go ahead and call it soft and see what happens to you. Go on.


Meaty, poignant and ballsy, this song is a great example of the power grooves always at the core of Pantera's sound. Dimebag's guitar on this song helped establish the band's DNA.

"This Love"

Aw, the quintessential heavy metal love song. I swear. It may have been one of the main songs that dragged me into the clutches of these cowboys from hell, but it's one that I will never ever forget.

"I'm Broken"

Slayer's Kerry King admitted a while back that Dime's incredible guitar riff in this song is one of his favorites. Plus, it was created while Dime was just messing around during a soundcheck.

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