Math The Band, The Trunk Space, 12/03/12

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For "I Hope You Die," Justine bounced around, head bobbing shoulder to shoulder with a manic grin on her face, screaming the chorus: "I hope you die!" Over and over and over. It would have been incredibly disturbing if the entire crowd, including myself, wasn't doing the exact thing back.

The duo joked that they could play "Hey Alright," but not well, and later, took a few requests, including a hyperactive rendition of "Haircut." The band had the same energy, if not more, from 2010. Guitarist Kevin Steinhauser still does that thing with his guitar, where he steps in and out of the strap like a jump rope and then blasts into ear-splitting riffs with so much distortion that it's impossible to hear melody or rhythm, let alone lyrics. But when this happens, it feels fucking awesome.

It's nice to know that some bands never stop being true to themselves. Not sure how else to say that without sounding mushy, but it's true for Math The Band, and as far as I know, the other acts that were there that night. Most of all, I'm glad there are audiences in Phoenix that really appreciate this stuff.

Thanks for keeping it real, guys.

Critic's Notebook:

Last Night: Math The Band, Treasure Mammal, Dogbreth and Rough Tough Dynamite at The Trunk Space.

The Crowd: Geeks, nerds, losers, you know. People cool enough to not worry about looking cool.

Overheard: "You'll all hook up tonight and tomorrow, you'll all get abortions together," and "You're all about to get butt-raped, but it's OK -- We brought lube!" I'll just let you guess which band said this.

Personal Bias: Isn't it obvious?

Best Dressed: Well, Treasure Mammal, obviously, but one of the dudes was not wearing underwear in his morph suit and a certain male organ was very prominent and this made me sad because I could not not notice, you know?
Extra credit: Here's a photo of the band in 2010, because I don't know what else to do with this photo and also, you can measure beard growth and stuff and clearly see how dead the audience was.

math the band 2010 troy farah.JPG

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Trunk Space

1506 Grand Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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