12 Favorite Local EDM Mixes of 2012

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Aaron Wallace

Pickster One: "Pickster Live at Electric Kingdom"
The mixer mensch known as Pickster One must either have an inexhaustible supply of those five-hour energy shots or has learned the art of sleeping with his eyes open while working the record decks. Por que? It's because the prominent local turntable wizard seemingly works hundreds of gigs across the Valley, crafts dozens of top-shelf solo mixes and epic collaborations, tours the world, and maintains a semi-regular residency at Thursday night hip-hop fest The Blunt Club.

And somehow Pickster's talents never get spread too thin as he brings it every time, which you can hear for yourself in this recording of his performance at last month's Electric Kingdom at Flagstaff's Green Room. Close to 30 different tracks from an exhaustive amount of EDM genres encompass the gig, which is undoubtedly our favorite mix of 2012.

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All of it is so horrible.  When will the real electronic music come to Arizona!?

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