12 Favorite Local EDM Mixes of 2012

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Sarah Lynn Hutchinson

Sluggo, "Engineered to Destroy"
Speaking of things that blew up big this past year in Phoenix, the career of Phoenix dubstep producer Nick Suddarth shot into the stratosphere over the last 12 months. He not only got to open for Korn during the West Coast portion of its "Path of Totality" Tour, where the nu-metal band showed of its recent flirtation with the bass-heavy genre, but he also teamed with frontman Jonathan Davis on this EDM collaborative KILLBOT.

In between all this (as well as dabblings with local moombahton label El Cuco Recordings and East Coast brostepper Nerd Rage), Suddarth also crunched out plenty of his signature, gore-filled audio assaults, including this two-minute face-melter that boasts murderous grinds and demonic-sounding vocals.

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All of it is so horrible.  When will the real electronic music come to Arizona!?

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