12 Favorite Local EDM Mixes of 2012

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bigie meanmugg phoenix.jpg

Bigie MeanMugg, "Illuminati Shawty"
When he hasn't been busy taking care of his infant daughter or working different gigs at both Bar Smith and The Monarch Theatre - including Friday's Foul Play and Saturday's Solstice affair - Bigie (known to his mama and papa as Shaun Cheney) put together this electro-infused "New World Order mix." Besides containing a wealth of hip-hop joints, rock anthems, and old school hits, it also features a few jams by Valley expats like Silver Medallion and DJ Fashen.

riot earp - dj melo.jpg
Erik "Riot Earp" King (left) and DJ Melo

Riot Earp & DJ Melo, "Carnavalito"
If there was one genre that really blossomed in the Valley scene in 2012, it was moombahton. While the dembow-heavy dance musical style was seemingly coming out of sound systems from Tempe to Tolleson, two of the more talented practitioners of the Latin-inspired hybrid of house and reggaeton was Erik "Riot Earp" King and Jorge Melo, both of whom contributed to the aforementioned AZ Gunslingaz comp and collaborated on this bouncing beatfest that was uploaded to Soundcloud back in the spring.

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All of it is so horrible.  When will the real electronic music come to Arizona!?

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