12 Favorite Local EDM Mixes of 2012

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LuJan, "Summer Sessions"
Many a local DJ jammed out special seasonal mixes once temperatures started rising around the Metro Phoenix area and pool parties became an almost daily occurrence. Few, however, were as spectacular as this 78-minute stunner by Wild Knight's DJ LuJan. Much like during his weekly residency at the club's Sound Kitchen, the house music maestro serves up dance floor epics with his signature flourishes, including Armin Van Buuren's "We Are Here to Make Some Noise," Simon Patterson's "Northern Lights," and Gareth Emery, "The Saga."

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Mark "Ellery" Leach, "Juke Beast"
One of EDM albums that definitely got some heavy rotation this past year was the critically lauded local moombahton comp AZ Gunslingaz: Volume 1. In addition to phenomenal work by the likes of Pickster One and Frank Mendez was this juke hybrid from LayLow czar Mark "Ellery" Leach, which weaved brain-bending beats with relentless rhythms and clips of DJ Kool from the Beastie Boys hit "The New Style" into two minutes and 46 seconds of pure audio dynamite.

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All of it is so horrible.  When will the real electronic music come to Arizona!?

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