12 Favorite Local EDM Mixes of 2012

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Courtesy of The Dollhouse

Mastamonk: Afrojack, "Rock the House"
Scottsdale remix king Anthony "Mastamonk" Biggers says he put a helluva lotta work into his stellar reworking of the Dutch producer's bombastic banger "Rock the House," which he dropped over the summer. "Almost every single instrument and noise in that [track] was played or programmed by me," he says. That includes a "whole new feel" by taking the drops and amping 'em up ("The drop is where it all counts on these type of tracks and you cant come up short") and blending in dollops of trap, the current EDM flavor of the moment. The result: An addictive track that Biggers claims has gotten a huge response online.

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Turner & Heit, "Block Mix"
A word of warning: The house music laid down by Thomas Turner and Timothy Heit isn't necessarily for everyone. Like, if you're a typically ADD-ridden club kid who impatiently expects the DJ to bump a new song into the mix every minute, that just ain't Turner and Heit's bag. Instead, they craft epic and sophisticated soundscapes by expertly blending together just the right amount of house, electro, and trance tracks with mixing wizardry and beat-matching prowess. For instance, the stuff that's packed into this ear-pleasingly dope downtempo joint the duo debuted in April.

HavocNdeeD, "Exclusive for Mixify"
While the producer duo of Phoenix's Jared "J.Paul" Jackson and Sin City's OB-one cut their teeth with ultra-heavy dubstep/glitch material before switching things up to a more pop-laced electronica sound this year (and bringing aboard vocalist Skaught Parry) on their Distoria EP , this 41-minute creation made for EDM site Mixify isn't limited to those genres. As you'll hear, J.Paul and OB-one fold in heaping helpings of hip-hop, reggae, metal, and even some IDM, as well as the work of the Valley's legendary Z-Trip.

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All of it is so horrible.  When will the real electronic music come to Arizona!?

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