12 Favorite Local EDM Mixes of 2012

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The overwhelming popularity of electronic dance music continued its exponential growth over the last 12 months, both nationwide and here in the Valley of the Sun. Beats were bumping nearly nonstop across the local music landscape in 2012 as new dance clubs (such as the Monarch Theatre and EPIQ) debuted in grand fashion and Phoenix DJs and EDM producers got love via the blogosphere and worked big-time gigs across the globe.

We've spent plenty of the past year listening to the efforts of local turntable fiends and producers and have compiled a rundown of a dozen of our favorite tracks and mixes that grabbed our attention.

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DJ Kyko: "Releasing The Sound Waves, Vol.1"
If you've hit up either the Monarch on a Friday night or the neighboring Sky Lounge during a typical Sabado gigante, no doubt you witnessed Miguel "Kyko" Morales blending hot Latin dance tracks with aplomb for crowds of hundreds who jam into either Washington Street club. Thing is, he's also pretty adroit at transforming uptempo elements of house and electro into enthralling, ass-shaking pastiches, as evidenced by his newest mix. It offers all the hallmarks of an epic orgy of electro, from jags of screaming sirens, heart-pounding four-on-the-floor rhythms, and tight remixes of big hits (ranging from Calvin Harris' "Sweet Nothing" to Dada Life's "So Young So High.")

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Juheun, "Zebrah"
Although most local selectors or producers are content with being known by only one nickname or alter ego, Scottsdale club scene veteran Steven Chung possess two distinct monikers, each of which rocks a completely different sound. While the 32-year-old has spent most of his DJ career performing as high-energy house guru Tranzit, in recent years he's also performed as the brooding beat-juggler Juheun. As "Zebrah" demonstrates, the mood is much more murky and subdued as Juheun favors darker and more minimal ingredients suffused into tech-house hooks and tribal bumps.

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