Last Exit Live to Reopen in Downtown Phoenix

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The old Ruby Room
Kleinlein says he will take steps to help counteract such problems, including more visible signage.

"If you remember, the old signage for [the Ruby Room] was on the north side of the building which had no visibility," he says. "There is a bunch of new signage planned for the south end of the building, along with a new parking lot on that side as well."

Better info on how to get to the venue will also be provided when promoting Last Exit Live and its concerts for those eager to beat a path to the front door, including detailed maps and directions from all over the Valley or for light rail riders.

"Having a venue on a one-way street is not a new concept for a major downtown area. The Casbah in San Diego is the best example I could give," Kleinlein says.

"To me, [being] downtown was the best opportunity to open and make a big impact actually. The Crescent Ballroom holds 550 people and is on a whole different level when it comes to booking touring acts so I don't see them as competition. I would never try to compete with them anyways," Kleinlein says. "What I am going for is a small intimate downtown venue that has top notch production and really I don't see any other places downtown that are in the 200-person range and do that."

Last Exit Live is scheduled to open sometime in March. For more details, visit its website.

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Last Exit Live

717 S. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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The Crocodiles are coming here Nov 2nd, MUST. BE. THERE.

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