Your Holiday Heavy Metal Gift Guide

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KISS, always kicking ass.
KISS Christmas Stockings

Although Gene Simmons may celebrate Hanukkah, we all know that KISS is always in the giving mood of the Christmas spirit -- you just have to pay for it first, of course.

Amidst the mountain of Kiss Christmas merchandise that builds year after year, some of the coolest items are the Kiss boot stockings. And for ultimate stocking stuffers, or if you're on a budget (like most music enthusiasts/musicians always are), you can always grab one of over 25 different Kiss ornaments. Seriously.


If you've ever been to a Motörhead show, then you know how loud they are. Earplugs? Screw that! The legendary band went the opposite way and developed their own brand of headphones, with several different models available. The band developed their headphones specifically to make them ideal for heavy metal music listening, tuned to the sounds and vibrations of the bass, guitar and drum.

Tony Iommi's Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath.

There are lots of heavy metal autobiographies out there. Some are worth the read, but others are just drunken blather; the same stories over and over. So if you do decide to read one, Tony Iommi's is the way to go. This guy is one of the musicians solely responsible for the Black Sabbath sound, hence the trademark chords of heavy metal. In this read, learn all about him accidentally cutting off two fingers, the rise of Sabbath, and struggles with addiction.

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