Hardcore Band Gay Kiss Almost Called Its Record Blud Sugah Sexxx Magik

Like the record, the band's upcoming tour of the East Coast is also founded upon uncertainty, vulnerability, and potentially bad decisions.

"We were personally asked by a friend of ours who then didn't come through," drummer Daniel Schurgin says, reasoning out why they decided to book an East Coast tour that will involve everyone, in some way or another, heading from Phoenix to D.C. with no shows in between.

"I had a good portion of it planned out already, so I was like, 'fuck it.' People appreciate us out there,"Calamaio says.

"I don't think I've shipped many records out to where you guys are playing," says Glick in regards to the previous Gay Kiss 7", Dumpster Rules, which was also released on his Anxiety Machine label.

Aside from the initial setbacks that also included a failed attempt by one of the members to book a show in Pennsylvania through OKCupid, the band has still managed to line up an itinerary of fitting shows including a western Massachusetts show put on by a member of Ampere and a show in Brooklyn put on by the record label Katorga Works.

"We're not playing with crabcore bands this time!" Paz says.

No matter what the circumstances are, tour still offers the band a respite from the banality of the everyday.

"There's this thing that happens to me on tour sometimes," Paz explains, "where I forget what day of the week it is, the date of the month. It's one of my favorite feelings when I am sitting in the van and I think 'Wait, is it Tuesday or Wednesday? Is it the 19th or the 22nd?'"

"There's something to be said when you see people in totally different states coming out in force to your shows," Calamaio adds.

It's a similar story to a lot of other hardcore bands: The idea of angry music being cathartic but also redemptive in the face of all of society's pressures. But with mysterious and gritty aesthetics being so played out in today's hardcore scene, it might be easy to doubt the sincerity of Gay Kiss's perceived weirdness. My instructions for this are simple: don't. The lead singer is prone to head injuries while performing that he sometimes has no recollection of. The drummer is known for concocting internet pranks which may or may include a Kickstarter to rent out a Disney themed cruise entirely for himself to do some "soul-searching" under the tagline "I really need this." Everyone in the band is on some kind of medication or another.

They make the kind of music that normal people can't play. Not something that sounds like Keith Morris cheekily singing "I'm about to have a nervous breakdown," but more like an actual nervous breakdown. They may not really need a solo Disney cruise, but they could use all the support they can get for the upcoming release show for the record they have packed copy by copy in assembly line-like fashion.

So, if you are lamenting the lack of weird hardcore bands like Die Kreuzen and My War-era Black Flag in this day and age, cut it out and check out Gay Kiss.

Gay Kiss is scheduled to perform tonight at Meat Market Garment Factory in Tempe.

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Meat Market Garment Factory

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