Hardcore Band Gay Kiss Almost Called Its Record Blud Sugah Sexxx Magik

"This whole interview is just going to be us trying to figure out how an assembly line works"

I am at the house of Mark Glick, the founder of Anxiety Machine records, along with all the members of the hardcore band Gay Kiss. Together we are packing copies of their soon to be released LP. Record and insert go into the jacket, jacket into the poly bag, bagged product into a boxes that will be taken on their upcoming tour. Everyone has an assigned task, and while there is some initial confusion, work eventually moves at a steady pace.

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The LP we are packing, Fault, was recorded this summer under the kind of eccentric circumstances that the band seems to thrive in. Most of the recording was done at bassist Jirix-Mie "Jay" Paz's (absolutely not to be confused with Jalipaz Nelson of the Audioconfusion studio) home, with the comforts of air conditioning, waffles, and freshly picked figs. However the vocal tracks were recorded in the bathroom of the band's practice space for the sake of "challenging" vocalist Roger Calamaio.

"I taped stuff on the wall to taunt him," says guitarist Mitch James

"Like a very recent deep wound," Calamaio explains. "Shit that had just happened."

"Psychological torture," says Paz.

"They kept on berating me through the headphones," Calamaio continues. "And it was pitch black because if you turned the light on, it would turn the fan on and it would pick it up on the mic."

"I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have been a big deal, but at the time I made sure to tell them," Jay says.

"Roger comes out," James recalls, "like, half naked and totally sweaty and has all these scars on him because he was driven insane. It was kind of like that movie Altered States."

The band didn't let up tormenting the vocalist when it came time to name the record, either.

"I had to fight tooth and nail -- barbarically -- to keep this record from being called Blud Sugah Sexxx Magik," Calamaio says.

"We have this thing," James explains, "where each person gets a veto. We call it the 'Danny DeVeto.' You can use it and it overrides the whole band. Roger used his Danny DeVeto on that, so next album, I want to call it Blud Sugah Sexxx Magik."

"Essentially, if we're still a band in a year, I'm completely fucked," says Calamaio.

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