Gregg Turkington on Punk in Tempe, the '80s, and a Band As Good as Black Flag

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cover of my shitty fanzine early 1983.jpg
Image courtesy Gregg Turkington
Turkington's "shitty fanzine" from early 1983.
The Only Band As Good As Black Flag:

I went to see The Who at Sun Devil Stadium, it was a tour for one of their shitty records from the 80s. I go to the show and the opening acts are Loverboy and John Cougar Mellencamp, although at that time he was just John Cougar. He came out and started doing "Jack and Diane," his big hit.

Somebody threw a bottle at him and hit him in the head. It just exploded, shattered right on his head, and blood was pouring everywhere. It was insane. Somebody comes and drags him off the stage, the band leaves, and there was an announcement over the PA: "Coming up next is Loverboy, John Cougar will not be returning."

Five minutes later, he comes back onstage with a hardhat on and his head bandaged up like a fucking mummy.

He grabs the microphone and says, "You fucking pussy cocksucker asshole! I'll kick your motherfucking ass!" Just this insane profanity-laden tirade that went on and on and on. Then they played "Hurts So Good." My jaw was on the floor. That was as good as Black Flag.

Neil Hamburger and Tim Heidecker are scheduled to perform tonight at Crescent Ballroom.

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