Gregg Turkington on Punk in Tempe, the '80s, and a Band As Good as Black Flag

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SCG at Tempe Post Office.jpg
Flyer courtesy Gregg Turkington
Sun City Girls at Tempe Post Office
When Mill Avenue Was Cool:

Roads to Moscow Records was this tiny specialty record shop on Mill. There was this guy Brad that worked there, a really nice skinhead guy who would recommend punk records. At that point, you could buy any punk record and it would be good.

If it was on SST, Alternative Tentacles, you'd know it would be good. I remember buying the first Redd Kross record, the Germs, all these records he'd turn me onto. Changing Hands Books was across from that, Zia Records was around the corner. There was a Tower Records over where those high-rises are now. It was really different down there.

Pete's Fish and Chips had a location nearby, and I would go there all the time during lunch break from Tempe High. It was the most disgusting little hellhole that was a hangout for low-lifes. There was a Greyhound bus station over there, so a lot of weirdos would hang out there. It was the most disgusting food, but I just loved the atmosphere. I actually gave myself an ulcer, as a child, from eating at this fucking place.

Sun City Girls played in front of the post office there, though it's a completely new building now. I remember at some point in the 80s, Charley [Gocher] was working at ASU in the cafeteria. He was telling me how much he hated the students, what little pricks they were. He'd put a glob of mayonnaise in a vanilla pudding he'd serve to somebody.

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