Gospel Claws, Crescent Ballroom, 11/30/12

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Gospel Claws Getting Blurry With It.

When Gospel Claws came on, they almost instantly went nuts. Kick drums were broken, guitar straps sprung loose and the band lost themselves in an almost Nirvana-like frenzy. If you know nothing about this band, they've had a pretty rough time lately. Yet, Claws seemed to find plenty of reason to celebrate and not just the release of their first record in two years, Put Your Sunshine Away (from Common Wall Media.)

Naturally, they played a large number of cuts from the new album, including "I Want It All" and the title track. "Anything I Can Do" sounded a little doo-wop, evoking "Earth Angel" by The Penguins (which is a compliment) but they brought their pop-punk buoyancy to the table, giving it a unique spin. Gospel Claws still included plenty of their own oldies, notably "You've Got It Bad" off their first EP.

Gospel Claws had a number of highlights in their extended set, including switching instruments, vocal duties and when Mitch Freedom (of What Laura Says and Wooden Indian) took the stage clutching a pair of rocks he found in his backyard. Everyone else then took up a pair of rocks and they clacked them together during one of their most upbeat tunes.

Gospel Claws also took the time to sing happy birthday for one of their fans, but for all we knew, it could have been the band's birthday, not just a record release. There were smiles all around and they seemed incredibly enthusiastic to be sharing the night with their fans.

All in all, this show really proves how distinct and talented the scene in Phoenix is. It was collaborative, friendly and most of all, fun. Let's hope that never changes.

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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The show was stellar, all bands kicked ass!

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