DJ Element Announces His Retirement

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Logan "Element" Howard

One of the best turntablists in Arizona, if not the entire southwest, announced today that he's hanging up his headphones for good and bidding farewell to the DJ world.

Logan Howard, known to many by his moniker DJ Element, dropped a bombshell on the local music scene within the last hour when he stated on Facebook that he's retiring from his lengthy career as a scratcher and selector as of today.

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Howard's announcement, which was posted online just before noon, was short and to the point:

It's been a good 16 years, I've traveled the world, met a lot of great people, seen a lot of beautiful cities. But now it's time to call it quits. It's been a long journey. I hope i made everyone proud with what i've accomplished in that time. All my DJ homies hit me up, I'll be selling my entire record collection and selling ever piece of of equipment that i own.

And believe us, he's accomplished a lot. Over the course of the decade and a half that he's been working the wheels of steel, Howard was not only a longtime resident at the weekly Blunt Club, but was also found behind the decks working his turntable magic at countless local hip-hop events.

The 33-year-old Native American, who was born and raised on the Salt River Pima Reservation and started performing in 1997, has also has pulled air shifts on such hip-hop station as Power 98.3 and 92.7/101.1 The Beat and won slew of high-profile competitions and titles (including the Culture Shock DJ Battle in 1998 and 1999).

And then there are his appearances on cable networks like MTV and BET, as well as his world travels, where Howard jaunted around the globe opening for such blockbuster acts as Jane's Addiction or staging scratch sessions on three different continents.

Howard's success is due to his enormous skills at cutting and scratching, which was evident in both the dozens upon dozens of mixtapes he's released over the years (such as the Sol Shades Summer Mix from earlier in 2012) to numerous YouTube videos of him ruining records.

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I'll miss your sets - but good memories never die. Love you, Element!

david_saint01 topcommenter

lol shit im interested! id pay good money to have him teach me to scratch like that

Chuck Klee
Chuck Klee

Too bad all DJ's don't do the same thing. Pick up an instrument and learn a real skill son.


@NOSTIK_ent im really hoping its a joke, but its looking super real right now

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