DJ Defense.Mekanizm on Why Most New Year's Eve Parties Are Boring

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Adam Messler
Partners in crime: DJs Seff Destrukt (left) and Defense Mekanizm.

Do you guys feel like you have to up the ante with bizarre or weird stuff in order to get the fetish or fringe crowd to attend since similar events like Epic Red Cup is happening the same night?
We get a huge mix of people for Cupcake: Hipsters, Goths, cyber, fetish, industrial, rave, punk, rockabilly, and psychobilly. A lot of friends that are photographers or alternative models [that] show up. We have a little for everyone. People love dressing up and coming to Cupcake. It's a playground for artists and creatives that want to see and be seen. We are always competing with other events and the sucky thing is it is usually our friends from Sanctum or Horns 'n' Halos. We try not to book on the same nights but it happens. We cross promote as much as we can with other club nights [or] events too.

What's the craziest shit you've seen happen on New Year's Eve?
Like 200,000 people on Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. It's a wild night out. People drinking in the streets, girls and guys flashing and cops in full riot gear just chill out on standby.

How do y'all plan to counteract the inherent rowdiness of a New Year's Eve crowd?
Cupcake is always a fun, chill dance party. On New Year's Eve there is a lot of extra hired security for the night and security cameras are in place. The people that come to Cupcake just want to have a good time. Drink. Dance. Scream.

The Cupcake! Berserk! Cirque! New Year's Eve takes place at 9 p.m. on Monday, December 31. General admission is $10, VIP access is $30.

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