DJ Defense.Mekanizm on Why Most New Year's Eve Parties Are Boring

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Are you planning any special New Year's Eve-themed tracks in you're the Cupcake party?
I have a special set for CUPCAKE. for NYE - it's all hard electro tracks. I just want people to dance have a super great time, a night to remember. The theme is a dark carnival.

How come?
I chose the dark carnival theme for something totally different on New Years, not the typical event with cheesy hats and lame noise makers that don't work. We are having the Infamous Boom Boom perform with his entourage, he is a walking freak show. Spyderbaby as a sadistic clown and DJ Squalor who is a freak by day. There will be balloons and there will be cupcakes.

Naturally. So why do you think most other NYE parties are boring?
The ones I have been to lacked talent and lacked atmosphere. They are overpriced just because it is a night [to] cash in on.

What resolutions do you have for 2013?
My New Years resolutions for 2013 are to make more music, to travel whenever possible, and to make as many dates with girlfriends and old friends as possible.

Any regrets about 2012?
I have no regrets at all for 2012. [It] was the best year I have ever had. Year's prior to that were extreme ups and downs to the point I thought I was going to develop bipolar. It has been a very successful year. I have regrets daily, if I didn't I would not strive to be better or make changes. Regrets would include not spending more time with friends and family, not telling people I love them because I am too shy.

What's your favorite track of 2012?
Awolnation, "Sail" (Andrew D remix). It's beautiful and empowering. I played it at CUPCAKE. during a fire performance.

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