Danny Marianino Signs Don't Ever Punch a Rockstar at Zia Records Over the Weekend

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Melissa Fossum
The book features recollections of Marianino's time spent in rock 'n' roll bands. The crowd had plenty to share about that. JR of Bring Your Own Weapon/Broloaf had a few super crazy stories to share.

Back in the day, BYOW and North Side Kings were playing a house show together, and JR was having way too much fun. (Probably because he poured some grain alcohol into a Slurpie.) After trying to mosh, he had an idea, inspired by watching too many wrestling shows, and body-slammed the freshly assembled North Side King's merch table. After knocking the table down, Marianino just kind of silently shook his head while sporting a small grin (if JR's impression was correct).

The party continued a couple of hours later at TT Roadhouse, where Marianino prepared free shish kebabs, as folks continued to hang out and socialize while bands like Dead Kennedys and Toy Dolls blasted from the jukebox. All this talk of tough guys and rockstar deckings seems to miss one key fact: Marianino seems like a pretty swell guy.

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Zia Record Exchange

1850 W. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

TT Roadhouse Pub

2915 N. 68th St., Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Music

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Danny Marianino has committed copyright infringment in several places in his book. He's been warned about this.


I knew this person from a while ago,  he was a bully himself and targeted certain people because of the way they would dress. Now, the chickens came home to roost for him and he writes a book about it! What a novel idea.


Why do you keep hyping up this no name hack who is looking to capitalize on being a violent thug?  Seriously, no one cares..


@Concerned_Music_Fan Apparently you care enough to leave a ridiculous comment. Danny is as much a violent thug as you are relevant !


I only comment because the New Times keeps trying to push this guy's book.  He's a nobody who only has a slight amount of fame because he punched somebody much more talented than him, and now he's looking to capitalize on that.  I just wonder why the New Times keeps hyping his book..

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