Danny Marianino Signs Don't Ever Punch a Rockstar at Zia Records Over the Weekend

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Melissa Fossum
Danny Marianino poses with friends.
People have recognized Danny Marianino -- he of the infamous Danzig punching incident and hardcore band North Side Kings -- ever since video of the incident hit the Internet. But lately, it's been a little crazy.

While signing my copy of his new book, Don't Ever Punch a Rockstar: A Collection of Hatemail and Other Crazy Rumors, a collection of eight years worth of hatemail, threats, and poorly-constructed online smack talk, Marianino told an entertaining and potentially dangerous story.

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Melissa Fossum
Danny and Danny
Sometime last week, he was driving down the 101 someone recognized him and started yelling at him through his car window. Once he caught Marianino's attention, he congratulated the musician for showing up in the Phoenix New Times -- all while the two were still speeding down the freeway.

A less Fast and Furious approach would have been to visit Marianino on Saturday, December 1, at the brand new Zia Records at 19th Avenue and Camelback, where Marianino signed copies of the self-published book.

The crowd of mostly tattooed, black shirt-wearing 30-something guys was mostly comprised of Marianino's friends, who stuck around for the majority of the signing.

Members of well-known local punk and metal bands, including The Father Figures, Landmine Marathon, Broloaf, were on hand, as well as some of the AZPunk crowd and the Midnite Movie Mamacita. Even if there was a tough guy vibe, everyone was in good spirits and some folks even brought their kids. And no, Danzig himself didn't show up to start trouble.

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Zia Record Exchange

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Danny Marianino has committed copyright infringment in several places in his book. He's been warned about this.


I knew this person from a while ago,  he was a bully himself and targeted certain people because of the way they would dress. Now, the chickens came home to roost for him and he writes a book about it! What a novel idea.


Why do you keep hyping up this no name hack who is looking to capitalize on being a violent thug?  Seriously, no one cares..


@Concerned_Music_Fan Apparently you care enough to leave a ridiculous comment. Danny is as much a violent thug as you are relevant !


I only comment because the New Times keeps trying to push this guy's book.  He's a nobody who only has a slight amount of fame because he punched somebody much more talented than him, and now he's looking to capitalize on that.  I just wonder why the New Times keeps hyping his book..

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