Club Candids: Getting Into The Holiday Spirit at Coach House

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Melissa Fossum
Festive! See more photos in our Christmas Coach House Club Candids.
Finding holiday cheer can be difficult in Phoenix at times, save for a decked out saguaro cactus or two. The change in season would be a bit more noticeable if it actually snowed. We can't complain though, wearing shorts and flip flops through most of December is nice.

Coach House is one of the few destinations that is bound to put you in the Christmas spirit. Every inch of the bar is covered in Christmas lights or decorations, the only thing missing is some egg nog.

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Melissa Fossum
See more photos of Santa's little helpers.
There's less than a week left before Christmas, so it's kind of remarkable that we found a crowd dressed for winter at Coach House. This was the day after the big storm, so patrons were bundled up and were careful to avoid puddles. This was also made the inside section of the bar so packed that it was difficult to order drinks at times.

Melissa Fossum
The long line to get in the bar wasn't too much of a deterrent-- there were still quite a few brave folks outside bundled up in scarves and coats both inside and outside. Holiday cheer was everywhere to be found--from gals dressed up as reindeer and elves to over the top Christmas sweaters and candy canes. We got into the Christmas spirit at Coach House on Saturday, December 15 for this week's Club Candids slideshow.
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