Club Candids: Fitted Misfits Takeover at Zuma Grill in Tempe

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
The Fitted Misfits crew gets their rage face on at Zuma Grill in Tempe on Monday, December 10. See more pictures from this week's Club Candids slideshow.
There are two things the peeps behind the Fitted Misfits know well: Hawking t-shirts and raging pretty effin' hard. They did both this past Monday night at Zuma Grill in Tempe during their takeover of the Mill Avenue bar. And the Club Candids camera was there to capture all the chaos that ensued.

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The blockbuster bash, which was held in conjunction with Zuma's weekly Toxic Mondays shindig, saw a teeming throng consisting of ASU students and members of the Tempe party crowd packing the place from the windows to the wall. And the Fitted Misfits crew, most of whom were sporting the local clothing line of tees and snapbacks, reigned over the sea of dancing and drinking humanity while standing atop a couple of the bar's VIP booths.

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As they pulled out their best "rage faces," which (according to their Facebook page) is a specialty of FM's peeps, bottles of bubly and vodka were popped and then gulped en masse while a pair of buxom female companions in tank tops writhed alongside the crew.

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They weren't the only one who got a taste of primo spirits as Zuma's bartenders rushed to keep the libations flowing (well, those who could make it through the tight crowd to the bar, that is). Movement wasn't easy task, especially with people attempting to dance in what little space they had.

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Still, the energy was high -- thanks in part to hip-hop and Top 40 spins by Freddy "Circle" Krems, giving some of the ASU kids in the house reason to stick around and blow off studying for those pesky finals, which are mere days away.

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The Fitted Misfits crew were aware of this fact and even gave a mea culpa via a Facebook post the following day for keeping students from hitting the books.

"We apologize to the hundreds of kids that missed or fucked up on their finals because of last night at ZUMA with us," the post stated. YOLO, yo.

See more pictures from the night via this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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