Byron Fenix on Why Phoenix Isn't Ready for Real Jazz Music

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Byron Fenix's record collection.

Do you crate dig?
I wish I had skills like Djentrification and Smite -- those guys are real diggers -- but finding music can be just as gratify "diggin" on the web or reachinh out to producers for things that aren't pressed on vinyl. That's the best thing about technology

Where do you score music?
Record stores -- Stinkweeds, Revolver, Tracks in Wax, and swap meets. Also blogs, trading with other DJ's, or going straight to the source. Telling an artist or producer that you have a radio show helps a lot. So I can get some really good exclusive tracks at times. i share everything I get on the show.

So what's the mood like at Cosmic?
Pure vibe. RMC and Joseph are good at what they do, but I like to throw a wrench in there sometimes to really mix it up. I have a huge respect for both guys, Ruben has always been a brother to me, he's taught me a lot. Cosmic has all those genres but taps into the soulful side of them. We all love to play disco, house, R&B, and funk. We are a all a good fit.

Why do you think there are so few nights that have such a soulful vibe like yours does?
Well there aren't too many that are very "soulful". The music has changed a lot. Much more of a digital sound. I'm really diggin disco which maintained that soulful vibe. My real passion is jazz but I'm not sure [the] Phoenix scene is ready for that yet.

How come?
Jazz is an acquired taste, most people don't have any patience to hear a full track. That's what I love about Soul Deluxe I have total control. I can mix an Art Blakey or Sun Ra [song] into Moodymann or James Blake.

Byron Fenix is scheduled to perform at 10 p.m. during Comic on Friday, December 14, at SoChu House. Doors open at 9 p.m.

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SoChu House

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David Moroney
David Moroney

what a silly article. Not a 'normal' DJ?? these guys get WAY too much credit for what they do.

Byron Fenix
Byron Fenix

Lol funny, i keep pushin & jazz pushes back. My whole intention of getting it out there ;-)

Ben Boyer
Ben Boyer

BRB I just thought of something...

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