Byron Fenix on Why Phoenix Isn't Ready for Real Jazz Music

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Byron Fenix spins at Shochu House during Cosmic.
Byron Fenix is a bit different than your normal DJ or selector. First off, you normally won't find him performing at some glitzy club, as he generally prefers to spin at far funkier venues and events, such as The Lost Leaf, Djentrification's Civic Space Jam, or at his monthly gig Cosmic along with RMC and Joseph Mercardo at SoChu House in CenPho.

Plus, Fenix typically spins musical selection that offer more of a "soulful vibe," ranging from funk and jazz to disco and Afrobeat. You can hear the dude doing his thing every Saturday night during his weekly show "Soul Deluxe" via online station Radio Phoenix or later tonight when Cosmic holds its latest session. In the meantime, Fenix took time recently to share why he digs the genres that he does, as well as why he believes the Valley scene isn't ready for true jazz.

Name: Byron Oliver

AKA: Byron Fenix

Preferred Genres: I prefer jazz, funk, disco, Afrobeat, electronic, house...anything that has a soulful vibe.

Current Gigs: My monthly residency SoChu for Cosmic alongside RMC and Joseph Mercado. I also play monthly at Searsucker in Scottsdale. And there's Soul Deluxe, my weekly radio show that I host on Radio Phoenix every Saturday night from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Where else have you performed locally?
Bar smith, The Q, FilmBar, Heard Museum, the Lost Leaf, First Friday on Roosevelt, Legend City, Cartel Coffee, Bikini Lounge, and the Civic Space Jam.

How did you get into the DJ game?
My cousin got me started. He had two belt drive turntables and he only bought hip-hop at the time. I was really drawn to electronic music and wanted to follow that. He soon got better tables and gave me his old ones. Best. Gift. Ever. Then [I] started buying anything electronic I could find. DJing came later. [I] was asked to play house parties and started meeting other DJs and collaborating with them on different nights.

Why do you dig music with a soulful vibe?
It's the feeling. Soulful music gets down deep in me. There are tracks like Marvin Gaye's "Distant Lover" that still give me chills. Everyone has there preference in music; mine is soul but from all genres.

Location Info

SoChu House

2801 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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David Moroney
David Moroney

what a silly article. Not a 'normal' DJ?? these guys get WAY too much credit for what they do.

Byron Fenix
Byron Fenix

Lol funny, i keep pushin & jazz pushes back. My whole intention of getting it out there ;-)

Ben Boyer
Ben Boyer

BRB I just thought of something...

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