William Reed Ends Sticky Fingers Dance Party Tomorrow Night

Will you eventually have another Friday night gig?

I'm sure that's inevitable, I'm not rushing right now to fill my Fridays. I think it will be nice to actually take a Friday or two off to see what it's actually like to have a Friday off after so many years. There have been some opportunities thrown my way and who knows, but I wouldn't be surprised if something new developed in the coming months.

Thanks for catching me up on Sticky Fingers.

It's kind of bittersweet. Everyone there is lovely and what they've done with the club over the last few years and what we've helped done to the club, and the whole thing with Monarch Theatre is really exciting for downtown Phoenix and the community. I have no doubts in my mind whatsoever that they'll continue the spirit of Friday nights down there [with] their own signature on it, but as far as the Sticky Fingers brand, it's time to either hang it up or move forward, so that's where we're at right now.

One last project that is on the horizon is...Jen Deveroux has recently accepted the position as marketing director for the Gypsy Bar at CityScape in downtown Phoenix. I'm going to be involved in a new, ongoing Thursday night promotion called Risky Business at Gypsy Bar which is going to start I believe December 6. It's pretty exciting because it's members of Party Foul, Cheap Thrills and me/Sticky Fingers.

[Deveroux] orchestrated the whole thing and it will be great to be involved with Jared Alan and Kevin Wayman, a.k.a. Kevin the Makeout Bandit or Kevin M.O.B. again, kind of coming full circle because I've worked with both of those promoter/DJs before in the past extensively and it's been quite awhile, so to come full circle is pretty exciting. It's always exciting to be involved in a new venue in downtown Phoenix. It's pretty funky, it's like a nightclub meets an arcade. Gigamesh is going to be a guest DJ of ours, which I'm really excited about. We've had him out a couple of times over the years and he does really cool indie dance remixes.

Sticky Fingers' final night is Friday, November 16 at Bar Smith.

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