William Reed Ends Sticky Fingers Dance Party Tomorrow Night

William Reed

After a two-and-a-half-year run, DJ William "Fucking" Reed has decided to pull the plug on Sticky Fingers, Bar Smith's ultra-hip Friday night dance party (which just so happened to win our best of award for Best Weekly Dance Night for Hipsters in 2012, and a whole bunch of other years before, too).

"It's time to either hang it up or move forward," said Reed in a phone interview, looking back on Sticky Fingers' successful run. Find out why William Reed is ending Sticky Fingers and what he is planning with Jen Deveroux, Jared Alan, and Kevin Wayman after the jump.

Up on the Sun: I hear you're done with Sticky Fingers. What's going on there?

William Reed: After two amazing years, I've decided to take advantage of other opportunities and explore other avenues, and move on. I thought the two-year mark was the perfect time to use that as a benchmark or a turning point. This will be my last Friday at Bar Smith and this will be the last Sticky Fingers as well. We're looking forward to ending it on a high note and taking it from there.

Why end it?

That's a really good question. In the world of nightclub promotions, nothing is permanent. I started [Sticky Fingers] at Rips for about six months before I moved it to Bar Smith, so it's been alive and kicking for about two and a half years. The direction has changed to a direction that I don't feel like is in parity with the original concept and the brand of the night and the whole spirit of the night. It's not a bad thing at all; the club wants to go in a little bit more mainstream direction and I get it. I understand that, but it doesn't really resonate with me or the brand of the night. I don't want to stand in the way of the nightclub and the success I'm certain they will achieve by moving in their new direction, and I don't want that new direction to hinder the spirit of the night.

As such, I gave my two weeks' notice a couple of weeks ago and I wish everyone there the best of luck. I'm really grateful for the opportunities they've extended to me and my concept over the years, but it's just time to move forward.

What can we expect out of your last hurrah this Friday?

I don't want to give all of the surprises away, but we do have an amazing roster of resident DJ talent, which is no secret. We also have a very special guest, Rush Midnight, formerly of Twin Shadow, coming to perform live. I expect the usual Sticky Fingers debauchery and awesome high energy to be present. So, yeah, exciting times.

I feel like you're always coming up with new ideas. Where do you go from here?
I've been spending a lot of time in the studio with my production partner on my project Blaque Panther Disco, and we are soon to be releasing a string of singles that we recently signed to a UK house record label, and we're looking at a late November/early December release date for that. This will actually be our first original productions that we will have released, so it's really exciting to see in such a short time, it was only six or seven months ago when we started the project, and now we have a string of singles coming out that are being released on a label internationally. We've been spending a lot of time in the studio working on original production and it's been really exciting for me because my background primarily stems from the promotions and DJ background, concerts, nightclubs, you name it, so getting in the studio and actually making music and seeing that released is something that I've never really been able to experience. It's really exciting and it's still relatively new to me, but we're just taking it one day at a time.

That's one aspect. My company, Arizona Deejay Company, we're a high-end boutique mobile entertainment provider, we're super-slammed as well. It's something I don't really mix with the nightclub promotions, but we're staying really busy. We're working 5 to 7 days a week doing a lot of high-end events. It's been really cool and really fun, kind of balancing out the whole nightclub and concert promotion scale.

I also teach in the music business department at Glendale and Mesa Community College, so obviously school is in session, so that's consumes some time of mine as well.

Above and beyond that, I don't want to speak too soon, but I have a couple of new nightlife projects that are in the works. That should be solidified here in the next couple of weeks, which I think are going to be fresh and inject some new life into the local nightlife scene, which I'm really excited about, too.

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