Why Is There So Much Indie Rock on Television?

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What kind of money are we talking? Billboard.biz says the payment range for national campaigns can start from four to five figures per track for an unsigned artist to the high six figures and beyond for a name act. In some cases, this type of work has opened doors to recording contracts, so much so that CNNMoney wondered if advertisers had become the new labels. In that case, wouldn't music supervisors be the new A&R staff?

Patsavas doesn't agree entirely. "I think supervisors really have a different goal: to find the very best song that will enhance the story. The job's not necessarily going to go to the best-looking band, or to a musician in a certain age group. Often, when a song hits, it hits because it was tied to a scene that fans liked." She adds that she hears about new music by scanning music blogs, as well as getting some 300 promotional CDs per week. She may be modest about it, but many groups' hopes and dreams undoubtedly live in that pile.

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