Titus Andronicus and Ceremony at Crescent Ballroom, 11/6/12

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Melissa Fossum
Titus Andronicus
Titus Andronicus and Ceremony @ Crescent Ballroom, 11/6/12
"Good night, good luck, and four more years!" said Patrick Stickles as he high-fived fans from the stage as Titus Andronicus wrapped up a solid set that ran almost two hours.

The night wasn't as political as it could have been, both bands only briefly touched on the election. The show wasn't the least bit preachy, and the artists stuck to the music-- and lots of it, which is all last night's audience could have asked for.

Melissa Fossum
One of my biggest concerns about last night ended up being sort of true--the election was pretty distracting. I kept telling myself that I'd leave the house "in 30 minutes" and before I knew it, Oregon and Ohio came through, and Obama was re-elected. After watching Fox News' pity party for a bit, I checked the time and realized I was supposed to be at Crescent Ballroom 10 minutes ago.

Sure I was still pretty late, but I arrived in time to hear most of Ceremony's set and I was lucky that I didn't have to deal with any lines. I was still feeling pretty anxious about the results of our local elections, so I was wholly expecting to refresh my social media feeds every few minutes instead of paying attention to the music. Fortunately, Ceremony proved to be way too interesting for me to look away. Even the time I spent taking notes felt wasted, as I'd look up to see Ross Farrar making a crazy face while some enthusiastic fans banded together for some gang vocals.

It didn't take long for me to realize that this is officially one of the weirdest and greatest shows I've ever seen at Crescent Ballroom. Ceremony's music was even more loud and in your face live, which is saying a lot. The band played a number of newer songs, which some fans may frown on, since they aren't as heavy as tracks from Violence Violence which made fans damn near overjoyed. As the lights flickered with the same brutal intensity as the band's hardcore/thrash songs, the all ages crowd bobbed around and continued to make feeble attempts at stage diving. As I saw the same pair of legs fly through the air a second and third time, I couldn't help but smile. This feels like a good Nile show, only with better lighting.

What's most striking about Ceremony is that their stage presence is everything I'd expect from the punk and hardcore heroes who graced the stage before I was born. I'll probably never be able to see Black Flag live, but I'd imagine it to be a little something like what I saw last night.

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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