Rush, US Airways Center, 11/25/12

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Jim Louvau
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For all the ponderous themes explored by Rush, like the urban sprawl of "Subdivisions," the bleak concentration camp scenes of "Red Sector A," and the Objectivism-tinged sci-fi epic of "2112" (and its many overtures and sections), Rush is a lot of fun. The band swapped out the "star man" for Stewie from Family Guy and flashed Three Stooges clips during "The Big Money." The band's "Watchmaker" videos, tied to the epic story of Clockwork Angels, reveled in a sense of humor one might not expect from a detailed, complex storyline that's actually been novelized by noted sci-fi author Kevin J. Anderson.

But the band's Clockwork Angels set, which opened the second half of the show and found the trio aided by an adept and theatrical string section, was the heaviest section of the night. The band's crunchy new record translated well live: "Caravan" thundered like classic material, whereas "Carnies" was more pop-focused, with grind and swing that modern hard rock bands should take a cue from.

"The Garden," with its psychedelic imagery and slow-motion stomp temporarily lost me, but the band quickly rebounded with "Manhattan Project," another one of those "big idea" songs that had the crowd chanting and screaming as video projections of Hiroshima's destruction rolled on. Heavy, indeed.

The band's closing set was joyful, just pure rock exuberance. Classic instrumental "YYZ" revved up to the band's classic single "Spirit of the Radio." It could have ended there, but band returned to offer up its most popular tune, "Tom Sawyer," and then just to prove indifference to the radio and mainstream popularity, segued into parts of the side A-filling "2112" suite, from 1976's 2112.

"We have assumed control," the loud speakers blared as the Lee, Peart, and Lifeson triumphantly vamped. But the band had control from the moment it took the stage, and the fans couldn't have been more pleased about it.

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Talking Stick Resort Arena (formerly US Airways Center)

201 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ

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Wow Rush What  a band. Three of the best musicians and performeres ever. They took there show to another level. If you have seen RUSH before please take the time to check out this show. Fantastic. Joe


Just when you thought they couldn't get any better ! 

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