Minus the Bear's Cory Murchy, "It's Just 12 Years of Plugging Away and Learning"

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Tell me a little bit about the song "Steel and Blood." What inspired it and what is going on in the music video?
Jake [Snider, singer/guitarist] wrote all the lyrics for the songs, so he's probably better adept at answering that question. That said, I've heard him talk about it in interviews as far as it's written about watching a relationship from the outside and how things can be pretty dramatic and kind of acting as a car crash. The video was the concept of the director. We wanted to do something darker and kind of different and break out of the box. And yeah, we think it was accomplished.

You guys recently celebrated your 10-year anniversary as a band. What as kept you going for so long?
I think we all have the same vision as far as wanting to do this for as long as it's making us happy and fun. So far so good, we're lucky it's turned into our jobs and we're stoked for that and really, it's just awesome that we can do this. Do what we love and make it work to where we can make this our full time job. We have a good time.

It sounds like it's just gotten easier for you, especially with songwriting.
I don't know if it ever becomes easier, it always comes with it's own set of work, but yeah, we've gotten it to a point where we know what we can do and we try to do it.

You guys tour pretty relentlessly. Is it exhausting?

It's definitely exhausting. We're trying different things out like breaking up tours and that seems to be working out pretty well. But yeah, we've spent the better part of ten years on the road, really when it comes down to it. It's always been an evolving landscape, so you've got to go with the flow.

Your song titles and album titles tend to be pretty funny. Is that something you set out to do?
Yeah, it just depends. We've kind of gotten away from the silly song titles much to the chagrin of a lot of our fans, but it became easier to just name songs after things that actually were relevant to the songs.

I read that listening to Nirvana was kind of an "a-ha" moment for you. Did listening to them motivate you to start writing music?
Oh yeah, totally. They were the band for me that was like 'hey, anyone can do this and it doesn't have to be perfect.' Simple songs can be really great and more complex than the basic technical sometimes so yeah, they were a big influence for sure.

Minus the Bear is scheduled to perform at Marquee Theatre on Thursday, November 8 with Cursive and Girl in a Coma.

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