How Many Times Has Math the Band's Kevin Steinhauser Puked Onstage? More Than You'd Think.

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The band's music videos are perfectly parallel: the Tumblr-colored imagery of cat .GIFs and pizza slices injected with gnarly Tim and Eric graphic drool. Steinhauser offered an open call to friends and fans interested in conceiving video ideas for the new songs, and among those directors are John Yi, who currently directs his own HBO miniseries, Small Talk. Their most recent video, a clip for Get Real's stomping title track directed by Eric Michener, is a slow-motion montage of mutton-busting footage, a youth rodeo event where five-year-old boys wrap their bodies around stampeding sheep and inevitably face-plant in the dirt.

Some people simply can't keep up with vibes this frantic, but Steinhauser is secure in knowing that their antics are a turn-off to anyone not willing to fully jump in. "This is weird to say, but I think it takes a certain kind of person to be really into our band," he says. "I feel like most people that like our band would be friends with one another."

Of course, physical preparedness factors heavily into Math the Band's longevity. In addition to stretching, Steinhauser said there is often some innocent chemical assistance involved. "Justine usually drinks a Red Bull a half-hour before the set," Steinhauser admits, "but I don't really do that."

His pre-game routine involves not eating at least five hours before the set, a practice he adopted from his time on the high school track and field team. "I still get nervous and jumpy before every single show," he says, "like I'm crouching down at the starting block, waiting for them to shoot the gun, excited and anxious."

Beyond nerves, the regiment is a practical way to prevent onstage spewing. "Not for the shock factor, my stomach just wasn't doing so good," he laughs. "It's better now, but in the last few years, there's a lot of people who have seen me throw up."

Math the Band is scheduled to perform Monday, December 3, at Trunk Space.

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This show is actually Monday December 3rd, hope we can get that changed.


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