Minus the Bear, Cursive, Girl in a Coma, Marquee Theatre, 11/8/12

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Melissa Fossum
Minus the Bear

Minus the Bear, Cursive, and Girl In a Coma, Cursive @ Marquee Theatre|11/8/12
The term "indie rock" is a convenient catchall, but last night at the Marquee Theatre, the term's definition was stretched to the limit.

Minus the Bear, Cursive, and Girl in a Coma utilize elements of a lot of genres: post-hardcore, math rock, emo, experimental, Joan Jett-style rock 'n' roll, pop punk, and even the dreaded "e-word." But rather than come across as a scattershot bill, the band's created a unified front. It was a feast of musical stylings.

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Melissa Fossum
Girl in a Coma
Girl In a Coma took the stage promptly at 8 p.m., asking the audience if it was ready to "shake it like a salt shaker?"

Knowing that Girl In a Coma hails from Texas just makes my heart smile. It's always good to be around some Texas folk, and these three Latina ladies started the night off with bolting vocals spewed by lead singer Nina Diaz. With bangs draped over her face, her voice was filled with passion as she strummed her guitar. Of course, her sister Phanie and bassist Jenn Alva were there, guiding the songs with every motion.

As Cursive took the stage, one guy next to me had to shouted out, "You're so old" at the sight of the veteran band I'm assuming he wasn't as educated on Cursive as he may have thought he was; yes, some balding was taking place, but said balding didn't keep the band from doing what its done expertly since 1995.

Melissa Fossum
A melodic introduction warmed the crowd up, before the band burst into the post-hardcore style displayed on classic albums like Domestica and The Ugly Organ. Time seemed to pause as the band lurched into "The Recluse," and I appreciated every word.

Cursive demonstrated its true versatility with the melodic, slower songs. Instead of disrupting the flow, these songs added to it, giving the set a feeling of dynamics.

And then finally the main course. Minus the Bear.

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