DJ Munition on How "Gangnam Style" Will Drive Afterlife Wild Tonight

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Tyler Sherman has been privy to more than a few major ragers, despite the embryonic nature of his DJ career. As his alter ego DJ Munition, the ASU student, who's currently pursing a bachelors degree in chemical engineering, has only been in the track-dropping biz for a mere four years, but has reigned over some crazy 18-and-over crowds during off-the-hook house parties, at the Marquee Theatre while opening for Porter Robinson, and even on a houseboat teeming with frat boys and drunken lasses.

Later tonight, he'll use his mixing mojo to instigate some insanity as one of the headlining DJs at Afterlife's Gangnam Style Party, which is inspired by K-pop star PSY's equally insane worldwide club banger hit of the same name. During our recent conversation with Sherman, the 21-year-old described how he plans use the song to drive the crowd wild at the club during the affair, as well as discussing his love of trance music and how performing topless girls wasn't as cool as being an opener for Robinson.

Name: Tyler Dillon Sherman

AKA: DJ Munition

Preferred genres: I am pretty all over the map. Really depends on the crowd I am playing for. [At] clubs, I'll play hip-hop, current dance, Top 40, house. But my true passion and what I like the most is trance and progressive house.

Where have you performed?
I have a weekly gig at Afterlife on Fridays, midnight to 2 a.m. I recently opened for Porter Robinson and Mat Zo at the Marquee for their Language Tour, and also at Sound Wave Music Festival [at] the Redbull MXT Truck stage. Just did a recent [frat] boat party on Lake Pleasant.

How long have you been DJing?
Four years on the dot. Started my junior year in high school. I really got into the party scene at pretty much the same time I started DJing. So I had no idea what people really wanted to dance to. Had no flow between genres and [didn't] even think about beatmatching. Didn't have anyone to teach me the ways. I'd hit up everyone who would throw dance parties/house parties. I became progressively better as I would spin for larger crowds.

Which high school? And how epic were these house parties?
Mountain View. There was a big dance party scene in high school actually. We built it up over a year at different venues. Had to pay to get in. College was where the house parties got intense.

In high school, at least at my high school, kids were pretty amateur in the house party business, being mainly a Mormon high school. There wasn't enough flowing of beer or girls getting down to the music as a DJ would want. It seemed like once I moved into a scene of kids who had moved away from home is where I was able to experience DJing for a crowd of ruffians who really knew what they were doing.

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Afterlife - CLOSED

4282 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ

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@raublekick I'm proud of you. Also stoked to know I will never have to compete w you for record digs! And vice versa.

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