Danny Marianino's New Book Is Only Partially About Knocking Danzig the Hell Out

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What is the book about?

This book isn't just about Danzig. This book is really more about being bullied. I'm a big boy; I'm an adult. I'm not a teenager like that poor girl who killed herself recently. Imagine the humiliation to have to go to school and get bullied in school and then come home and get bullied. It continued with her life, well this has continued with my life. I'm putting out a book [regarding Internet bullying] because [even though it's a] shitty fucking subject, it's humorous. When you see the some of the messages in this book, some of the hate mail and the literary geniuses that send this stuff, it's like, holy shit. I started the Facebook page, too, and it's just stuff that I had found online or other stuff that I had seen that I didn't include, a couple that were from the book. People will get a kick out of it. It's pretty funny.

Were you actively reading the comments? Did you ever get to a point where you wanted to stop reading what people were saying?

Oh, yeah, I read them all the time. I still do.

What you say the overall response has been like? Do more folks side with you or Danzig?

It's a 50-50 split. When people read the book and see the kind of guy that I am, it shines me into a little bit of a different light. The book is highly entertaining. It features stories from being on tour, from staying at Napalm Death's house to meeting Alice Cooper and Alice Cooper telling me, "with kisses, to Glenn Danzig." There's some pretty entertaining stuff in the book that will shed a little bit different of a light on me and see that I'm not a fucking douche that's looking to start beef. I don't want beef with anyone.

I had a house fire and I had insurance, but it took the insurance company forever, my house pretty much burned down. A propane tank blew up real close to the house and the messages I've read, people say, "Haha, that's what you get. Your house burned down, you fucked with Danzig, this is the kind of repercussions you deserve." What the fuck is wrong with people?

Wow, that's horrible. I hope people see their comments printed in your book and think, "ohhhhh, shit."

I think a lot of people are going to see their comments and be even more angry because I put their name and I put the website as well. You'll post something on a public forum, it's public. There was a kid locally that posted something that somebody sent me that was on Danzig's actual website recently. I sent that kid an email and I was like, "What the fuck is your problem?" I'm like, "I've met you a few times, you're always very nice to me, but you go on there and talk shit about how my house burned down and how this is the wrath of Glenn Danzig and I deserve this." He wrote me a fucking apology. He was like, "Listen, sometimes you get caught in the heat of the moment of things and you don't think before you do things or you do something and that's the big problem with the internet and I'm sorry and could you accept my apology?" I was like, "That's cool man, don't worry about it."

Now that you've written the book, are you ready to put it to rest?

I hope this book puts it to rest.

Danny Marianino will sign copies of Don't Ever Punch a Rockstar on Sunday, December 1, at Zia Records on Camelback. He's hosting a BBQ afterward at TT Roadhouse Pub in Scottsdale.

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such a great read. and it amazes me the extent some of these people to went to cover up the fact that Danzig done goofed! not to mention the grammar fails. and the crazy stories.


This fat fuck is totally trying to profit off of something that was planned.


Looks like he is still trying to profit from this fight that was totally set up. Let it die man, die with your band. Find a new way to entertain people. Danzig has moved on and so should you.


@PHXmusicdotcom Hell yeah!

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