Danny Marianino's New Book Is Only Partially About Knocking Danzig the Hell Out

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Given his reputation, were you surprised that this happened?

Things started off when he called my ex-guitarist's wife fat. I have that in the book as well. She was probably about 100 to 110 pounds, just barely pregnant, showing a little belly, and she had walked past one of the rooms he was in and he said, "Are you pregnant or are you just fucking fat?" I figured, "Okay, he's a jerk," but I didn't know how much of a jerk he really was. My street smarts should have told me, "Don't even fucking talk to this guy, because it's not going to go good." When I went to talk to him, I wasn't talking to him because I give a fuck about him. I went to talk to him because my band and three other bands, especially one from Canada, all now are not playing a show because he closed the show down. All he had to do was put his hand out and say, "I'm sorry, I fucked up." Maybe it wouldn't have turned out to be the way it was. I'm not a bad guy, I'm not going to go out and start fights with anybody at all, but if you're going to come at me, I'm like a pitbull in a corner, I'm going to come back at you.

Did you guys get to play at all?

At that point, the fucking police showed up. It was already over because he closed it. We didn't get paid and I got kicked out and he got dragged out pretty much by his feet. I got dragged out of the building by security as I was raging, I just snapped. Then the cops came, they came back to me, along with an FBI guy that was there, because the FBI reigns over Americans on Indian soil. They said he wants to press charges on me for assault, and I'm like, "Get the fuck out of here." This guy totally came at me. I defended myself. He's a black belt; he teaches martial arts, I'm like a little fat kid from New Jersey, I just defended myself. A half-hour later, they came back and said, "Do you want to press charges on him?" I said, "No, I just want to go home and get the fuck out of here." They interviewed security and the people that were around there, the people that saw it. They didn't know there was a video. I didn't know there was a video until we had left.

After that video went up, did you notice that people were starting to treat you differently?

I get tons of messages still. You can just go to YouTube yourself and I'm sure it's posted on there that "he didn't hit the guy" or "the fat singer from North Side Kings is in the wrong; Danzig is a professional; he's a wonderful person." The whole thing that inspired this book . . . I've been keeping track and wrote a little bit of a biography, I just shelved it and I kind of walked away from it. He did this interview in May in L.A. Weekly where the reporter asked him the same question, and he goes into this whole conversation about it, which is bullshit. [Editor's note: Danzig stated to L.A. Weekly's West Coast Sound that the incident was "set up" and that the punch "didn't hurt."] I finally said "I've had it, it's his fault." He made me look like a jerkoff, but I'm a regular guy. I'm not a big, professional musician. I don't have anything to prove. I work a 9 to 5 great job, I'm married to a wonderful wife, I don't even play music anymore, but I got sick of it. I threw my hands in the air and I said "fuck it."

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such a great read. and it amazes me the extent some of these people to went to cover up the fact that Danzig done goofed! not to mention the grammar fails. and the crazy stories.


This fat fuck is totally trying to profit off of something that was planned.


Looks like he is still trying to profit from this fight that was totally set up. Let it die man, die with your band. Find a new way to entertain people. Danzig has moved on and so should you.


@PHXmusicdotcom Hell yeah!

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