Danny Marianino's New Book Is Only Partially About Knocking Danzig the Hell Out

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Danny Marianino, author of Don't Ever Punch a Rockstar: A Collection of Hate Mail and Other Crazy Rumors
By now, you know the story: Things ran late at a 2004 show in Tuba City, Arizona, where Glenn Danzig and Phoenix-based hardcore group North Side Kings were scheduled to perform.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the North Side Kings were bumped from the show. Frontman Danny Marianino was upset, and confronted Danzig about it. "He got heated with me instantly, which made me raise my voice," Marianino says. "He threw me back and yelled, 'Fuck you, motherfucker.' That means I'm ready to fight you."

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The resulting punch, which leveled the horror B movie/horror aficionado, made Marianino "internet famous."

But Marianino didn't receive glowing adoration for taking down a rockstar prone to believing a little too much in his own myth; instead, Marianino was besieged by e-mails and message board attacks from deluded, fanatical Danzig fans. He's collected those messages for a new book, Don't Ever Punch a Rock Star: A Collection of Hate Mail and Other Crazy Rumors, available at locally at Zia Records, and via Amazon.

Up on the Sun spoke with him about the incident, the book, and what lessons the whole mess has taught him.

Up on the Sun: Danny, why don't you walk us through what happened?

Danny Marianino: It's pretty much the same thing I've been saying the entire time. He's got like 52 different versions of it. We were set to play a festival with two stages in Tuba City. We played there a few times; we [always] had a good time out there. We were supposed to go on before Danzig played, but long story short, the city shut down one of the stages, and everyone was pushed to one stage.

At that point, Glenn was non-negotiable in his playing time. Basically, after speaking with him, we agreed that North Side Kings and three other bands would have to play after him. He was making a big deal out of the contract. Obviously he was the bigger band out of the two, but we had a contract as well, saying we would go on before, but then that caused a problem, so just . . . we did it, whatever. It was a six-hour drive. He in return didn't follow his end of the bargain, which was to announce the other bands that were playing [at the end of his set]. I went to talk to him to try to see if he could get them to say something, [to let people know] there's other bands and everybody was in a panic. We were just bumped off.

So you confronted him after his set?

It's not his fault the show fell behind; I 100 percent agree on that. But the issue is: What the fuck are you going to do? You're in Tuba City. What are you in a hurry for? It's not like he was on a big tour. He had three shows. He played Phoenix the night before, Tuba City that night, and the next night was in California. Unlike the other bands that were maybe driving somewhere after the show for 7 to 10 hours, he sits his fucking ass on a tour bus in a bunk relaxed and comfortable. He doesn't have to worry about driving all night.

My whole point of this book was not only to rectify some of the situation that I had to deal with after this, but put a spotlight on the amount of bullying that's out there on the Internet and everything else, but also to make a fucking point: You've got local bands on your bill that are advertising for you; they're promoting your show. If you could do that fucking show on your own with no touring bands or no local bands, then don't have fucking local bands on the show. You need the local bands to help promote you, otherwise you wouldn't have them. Show respect.

So you confronted him after his set.

It was well after his set, because he was supposed to announce those bands [at the end of his set]. I went looking for the promoter, and the promoter was nowhere to be found. Danzig's manager bolted, like he knew the situation was going to go bad. All I could find was Danzig talking to about five kids in the back. All of those people that were in the back weren't like crazy fans; there was four other bands, not to mention some of the other bands that played that day that were still lingering around. I went to talk to him, and we talked for 25 seconds. He got heated with me instantly, which made me raise my voice, and he threw me back and yelled, "Fuck you, motherfucker." That means I'm ready to fight you. He physically contacted me when all I was doing was having a conversation that he was escalating.

Why was he so angry?

Do I have to explain his behavior over the last couple of years? Look at the festival with the French onion soup in Texas and his behavior at Bonnaroo with the guy that was taking pictures. Why play in a band if you don't want people taking your picture? Most kids that are taking your photo will go on Facebook or Twitter and say, "Wow, the Danzig show kicked ass tonight. I got some cool pictures," and you share it to your friends, and your friends who are Danzig fans share it as well. Not, I'm going to fucking run off the stage like an asshole and charge you.

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such a great read. and it amazes me the extent some of these people to went to cover up the fact that Danzig done goofed! not to mention the grammar fails. and the crazy stories.


This fat fuck is totally trying to profit off of something that was planned.


Looks like he is still trying to profit from this fight that was totally set up. Let it die man, die with your band. Find a new way to entertain people. Danzig has moved on and so should you.


@PHXmusicdotcom Hell yeah!

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