Bret Michaels Dishes on His Brain Hemorrhage, Poison, and Scottsdale

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It looks like every video from the 1980s was shot during sound check.

I think you're pretty much right, that was the extend of our budget.

When you think of Bret Michaels these days the first thing you think of isn't Poison. How have you been able to establish yourself as a solo artist?

If you're around me everyday, I'm just one of those guys who -- even [when I'm] shooting on the set of this RV show I'm doing -- I literally have my guitars on the set and I sit down and I play music. It's still fun for me and anyone around me knows that. I think that we got to a point with Poison that the others guys wanted to tour a couple months out of the year, and for me, this is what I like to do so. I do it as much as I can, year round.

Between the success Poison had in the '80s and Rock of Love, are there different generations of fans now?

I've been fortunate to have three generations of fans. I look back to the music that I grew up listening to, like Aerosmith, AC/DC, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and those bands are still around. [It's] now classic rock. You hope that you're around long enough to still go out and play venues and have a great time. I think for most of us, regardless of if you still play big places, smaller places, or whatever -- if you still love what you're doing, that's an awesome thing. It's been 26 years for me and that's a great feeling.

Bret Michaels is scheduled to perform Saturday, December 1, at Celebrity Theatre.

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