The Butcher Babies, Boobs, and Blood

Here's what I expected from The Butcher Babies on the opening night of their "Hush Little Baby" tour: Sexy, sexy bitches; electrical tape-adorned boobs; vocals ranging from erotically melodic to ear-shatteringly demonic, intermixed with headbang-worthy breakdowns.

For those of you who don't know what you're missing out on, we're not talking about little nip slips here and there, like Janet Jackson at the 2004 Super Bowl , or Mardi Gras-style flashing. We're talking straight up nudity. Heard of balls out? How about tits out, by chicks who nod to such predecessors as Wendy O. Williams of The Plasmatics and Alice Cooper.

Well, I wasn't disappointed, except that it seems the leading ladies, former Playboy TV personalities Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd, decided to rock not electrical tape at the show, but tank tops that gave props to their main opening band, The Gemini Syndrome.


The Butcher Babies' claim to fame may be the two headstrong women who coined the term "slut rock," and attract male groupies like John Travolta, but they do have a certain feminist approach to their music, recently telling Revolver magazine: "When girls are perceived as sexual or outspoken, they get labeled sluts, but we embrace those qualities and bring them to our music."

During my research of the band, I found it very surprising to find so much press by male rock writers that was negative about the Butcher Babies, mainly about how the stage personas the ladies have adopted takes away from whatever musical talent there may be. It's been said that they use their sexuality, bared breasts, and painted-on leather pants to draw fans to shows or augment their music. Um, maybe if their music sucked, right? See for yourself.

Trust me, this isn't about rock chicks sticking together. They've definitely have got the talent, drive, and enthusiasm to make it big in the metal industry. But I was shocked; dudes, bitching about semi-naked, Pantera-provoked screaming chicks on a stage? Rockin' out to double bass and shredding guitars? What the hell is going on here? And speaking of Pantera, check out their cover of "Fucking Hostile," the same tune they dedicated to yours truly at the Joe's Grotto show. (Yes I'm bragging and yes, I have a huge chick crush).

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