Five Songs To Prepare You For Black Friday

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Wu-Tang Clan, "C.R.E.A.M."

"Cash Rules Everything Around Me."
You still have a couple of days to request an increase in your credit limit.

Green Day, "Waiting"

When the person in front of you grabs the last flat screen TV, you may find yourself desperately looking for another deal to make your long wait worth it as you relate to Billie Joe Armstrong being "destined for anything at all." Be careful though, you don't want to end up in rehab.

Bonus for all of those folks who think Black Friday is silly:

Refused: Worms of the Senses/Faculties of the Skull

"I've got a bone to pick with capitalism and a few to break."
Black Friday brings out the worst in people. Is it really worth it to sleep outside of Walmart for days just to save a few bucks?

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Gerry Valenzuela
Gerry Valenzuela

All of you that wake up at four tomorrow or worse those of you who aren't sleeping tonight or already waiting in line for some black friday shopping, you are a stupid crazy impressionable loser. What just because it's on TV you have to do it. Lame. Lame. Lame. You are the same people that wait overnight to see a fucking movie or get a krispy kreme donut. Get on your knees and thank god that you still have a job.

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