Andrew Jackson Jihad at Crescent Ballroom, 11/18/12 (VIDEO)

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Melissa Fossum
Andrew Jackson Jihad

Bonnette gave his thanks to the other bands and said this tour has been "honor and a privilege." He warned that what was going to happen next was going to "be fucking epic," as some of the other musicians hopped on stage for "Big Bird." Bonnette jumped in the crowd towards the end, which I feebly tried to capture on video--

Afterwards, fans requested a bunch of songs, which sounded like a hurl of insults (ie. "You Don't Want to Fuck With Me" and "Fuck White People"). Bonnette hushed them by saying, "Fuck 'Freebird,' this one's way better. We tend to do better with songs we don't know," he said, inviting Julia Ruzicka from Future of the Left to the stage.

There was no indication of what was going to happen next, until everyone anxiously stared at Ruzicka until she sang the familiar haunting hum of The Pixies' classic, "Where is my Mind?"

We Didn't Come Here to Rock
Inner City Basehead History Teacher
You Don't Deserve Yourself
Sad Songs
So Mad at you
Kokopeli Face Tattoo
Gift of the Magi 2: Return of the Magi
People II: The Reckoning
Bad Stuff
Back Pack
Fucc the Devil
American Tune
Hashtag Armaggedon
Sense, Senibility
Black Dog
People II: Still Peoplin'
Hate & Kill
A Song in Dedicated to the Memory of Stormy the Rabbit
Hate Rain on Me
Love Will Fuck Us Apart
Little Prince
Big Bird
Where Is My Mind? (Pixies Cover)

Critic's Notebook:
Last Night: Andrew Jackson Jihad at Crescent Ballroom.
Personal Bias: I bought #186/200 of Issue Problems a long time ago.
The Crowd: Almost sold out and full of all ages folks rocking out.
Overheard: "We're taller than every band...except for Aaron Burke [of the Minibosses]."-- Ben Gallaty
Random Notebook Dump: "What is this Bill Clinton shit?" when I first spotted the sax.

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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